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    A lawyers duty is to advise you of your rights and prepare your file in order to present it in the best manner.

    We think it is important to consult a lawyer as soon as a significant disagreement occurs. It is also important to consult a professional before closing an important transaction or before starting a business.
    Obviously, it is also very important to consult a lawyer before finalizing an agreement in case of a separation or divorce. Prevention is always better than cure.

    Definitely, it is possible for someone to represent himself, but questions of law and procedure are complex and require reflection. We invite you to come and discuss with us before making an important decision.

    A lawyer is a professional who can advise and inform you about your rights and obligations. Given the complexity of the issues at stake and the importance of the economic consequences that can result from litigation, we believe that you should consult a lawyer before making informed decisions.

    We offer an extremely affordable rate of $100.00 (plus applicable taxes) for an initial consultation. The consultation includes the reading of the relevant documentation and, with us, includes the time necessary for your file.

    Of course, during the initial consultation, we will be able to evaluate the best way to approach your problem, whether it be through litigation, negotiation or alternative dispute resolution